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Tried and Tested transcription Software for taking meeting notes

Be it businesses, marketing, human resources, legal, or training, transcription software is now a needy tool in all of these domains and many more for taking meeting notes.

Yet with so many transcription tools and services known, it’s complex to choose one.

This comprehensive guide will give you the required information about the transcription software that you look for.

What Is Transcription Software And How Does It Help In Taking Meeting Notes?

Transcription software is an application that transforms human speech (recorded or live) into a developed text transcript.

Some of the most dependable ones can transcribe audio files, video files, and live sittings.

A transcription software produces transcripts much faster than manual transcription. Think of minutes, not hours anymore.

These types of software use speech recognition technology produced on machine learning algorithms to learn and mature over time.

Yet, the correctness of transcription software varies on diverse factors like background noises, speakers’ reach to the microphone, the standard of the microphone, and conversing accent.

These softwares are prominently used in distinctive types of segments from individuals to large companies where taking meeting notes can be helpful for the whole team.

The principal profit of a transcript over audio and video records is that you’ll have more comprehensible documentation of what occurred during a conversation.

How Does Automatic Transcription Software Operate?

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word transcription printed on white paper macro

A transcription software practices speech-to-text technology and streams on artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) technologies from a long era.

It reinstates the need for tedious tasks such as old-fashioned ways of taking meeting notes. It also benefits every meeting attendee to actively listen and fully engage in the conference.

AI used in these softwares applies Automatic-Speech-Recognition (ASR) to listen, record the sound, and retrieve it into text.

It’s interesting to notice that AI transcription software has an ever-expanding dictionary that is expanding as new information, meters, and data is shoved into the system over the period. The accuracy also grows as the machine habituates to new data.

This is probable because of deep learning. Think of it as a structured process in which computers learn and adjust to new data which makes automated notes easier.

It empowers them to think and do with less human intervention; deep Tech Learning is training machines to think using structures.

AI is the ammunition for transcription. The best transcription software will extend AI to transcribe your video meetings in a real period. Consider Instaminutes one of the most trustworthy automatic transcription software for instance.

Whenever Instaminutes enters your calls, the system reads them and generates an official transcript in seconds. This is helpful for companies when it comes to boosting collaboration because of the ease of notes sharing feature.

AI transcription is suitable for live and taped sessions. From classroom lectures to conferences to town hall speeches to legal depositions, the application cases are endless.

Further, there are some areas where presenting a live transcript is critical & essential. 

What to see for in Transcription Software?

  • Accuracy: The best transcription software ought to have a 90% accuracy rate. That said, accuracy also relies on the machine learning models a software uses and on the tone of the recording. Background sounds, the kind of microphone used, and the way the person expresses are some of the determinants that affect accuracy.
  • Optimization: Since AI trains on the composition dataset, you can help make it more accurate by appending words or phrases that you often practice. 
  • Processing Time: The turnaround period varies per software for transcribing. It depends on the length of the tape. On normal, it usually needs about half an hour to transcribe an hour-long uploaded audio data or a live connection. Instamunites usually take 15-20 minutes to reproduce meeting notes. Note that if service demands a 24-hour turnaround, it’s assuring a human transcription service.
  • Customer Service: Is the company fully engaged in providing you with a great post-purchase experience? The acknowledgment to this should be a booming yes. There is a big difference between saying that you’re “customer-centric” and really being one.

Final Thoughts

Maximizing the insights achieved from calls can be prevented by biases intrinsic to manual transcription as well as note-taking. Aside from this, the amount of time collecting and the boost inaccuracy is what makes a lot of businesses rely on it. The future of AI automated transcription software will only keep getting improved.

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