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5 Untold Advantages Of AI In Taking good meeting notes

Instaminutes AI tool is all that you Need


Taking good meeting notes helps in recalling key points of each discussion can at times be overwhelming, not to mention the stress caused by missing a meeting or seeing a couple of hundred messages stacked up while you were out for lunch.

Whether you’re commissioned to take meeting notes for a panel or have appointed an employee to the board of your association, making notes uptime of meetings is a burdensome task.

 Presently are some tips and ideas to help you write and prepare effective meeting notes.

If you’re looking for how to take meeting notes either take a look at this post.

This companion for automatically writing and taking good meeting notes is created by Instaminutes to help entrepreneurs, employees, and those who are new to the task of creating and preparing meeting notes for diurnal time, online meetings, interviews, online conferences, etc.

Note that format, style, and content demands for meeting notes vary by association and type of commission or body.

How Instaminutes helps in Taking Good Meeting Notes

Instaminutes AI Tool is available to free and paid subscribers. It allows people to record meeting audio and get meeting notes on the dashboard and mail. The meeting notes help us to prioritize the action details, get a quick recap.

  •  Add plugin to the Chrome web browser
  •  Open the Chrome web browser
  •  Go to Chrome Web Store
  •  Find and pick Instaminutes
  •  Click Add to Chrome web browser
  •  Participate in your meetings to use Instaminutes plugin.
  •  Go to the extension icon to the right corner of the address bar.
  •  Click Instaminutes.
  •  Click on New Instanote to begin taking notes.


  • Login using your Gmail. The subscribing user profile gets created.
  •  Back to your meeting tab. Click the extension icon visible, then find Instaminutes, and then click on New Insta note.
  •  Instaminutes automatically start recording the meeting. When the meeting is done, click on the stop button. It’ll take you to the new tab and ask for the meeting title which you can later open to see your meeting notes.
  •  Give meeting title and click on the abstract button. Instaminutes will convert the recorded meeting into notes. Once the uploading process is complete, you can access the meeting notes on the dashboard or by mail.


  •  Visit
  •  Sign up in with your Gmail.
  •  After a successful sign in you’ll log in to the dashboard.
  •  Navigate to the meeting note that you want to participate with other participants.
  •  In the Instaminutes dashboard, click on to add the mail of partakers.
  •  Add the mail of participants to participate in meeting notes
  •  To share meeting notes with participators, click on the save and share button.

Refer to this paper whenever you need some guidance on using the Instaminutes plugin for your first meeting.


Writing minutes of a meeting does now not have to be disturbing. Taking good meeting notes will be way easier now.

The motive of the whole lot is to make your lifestyles simpler by having the strength to don’t forget what was discussed and what movements need to be taken to meet the targets of the company. You could correctly lead a productive meeting with Instaminutes.


Instaminutes is an AI-based tool that summarizes conferences into concise notes mechanically.

You may without difficulty combine your calendar and get the last assembly notes as notifications to recap everything vital very quickly.

You could without problems tune progress by sharing it on Slack, Trello, Asana, or any undertaking control device.

We have highlighted the key points of Instaminutes so you could additionally make your meetings 2X productive and taking good meeting notes will be a breeze. No need to waste time as you have Instaminutes by your side.

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