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5 pro tips to take short notes like an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you need to work on multiple tasks simultaneously taking short notes of each key point to be worked on.

“To deeply understand any business, you have to first wear all of the hats before you take some of them off”

Being an entrepreneur, you need to switch on different tasks and that might be overwhelming. The one and only way to overcome this is to become productive.

Having too much on your plate is frustrating and stressful. Do you also feel the same??

From interacting with different teams and clients, managing operations, and successfully distributing budgets to spending 10 minutes with your family members, you may find it difficult to make time as an entrepreneur.

The only mistake we all do: – We try to make more time to perform all task instead of doing it in smarter way.

short notes

Productivity does not mean you have to work 55+ hours a week and give up your mental health just because you have a business. In fact, research shows that if you work more than 40 hours a week, productivity can be reduced by 50%.

In other words, working long hours reduces the benefits. Remember, working for many hours do not mean your business will grow.

In any business, meeting plays a very important role in planning and growing your business. It is because meetings are held to discuss a variety of topics, from your next business plan to your future goals. And it’s something that can go on for hours depending on the agenda and the number of participants.

There are so much important points to take during client meetings or group meetings, this can reduce the proactiveness in meeting if we are making notes as well. The best way to combat this is through summarized meeting notes tool.

Entrepreneurs why take short notes??

Short notes like entrepreneur
  • Referenced whenever required: –

Taking short notes of meetings is an important task. You should listen carefully to the important topics of the meetings and write them down as soon as possible.

In fact, one of the ‘Tips for Taking short notes in meeting’ is to listen more and summarize the points later.

However, there is the possibility that we might miss some important key points, especially if the speaker has a lot to say. Meeting notes will help us to review and refine the documents after the meeting.

  • Stay focused in meeting: –

You can easily write down few meeting notes, what if meeting is very long and you start taking meeting notes, you will have a hard time looking at what is being said right now.

Knowing that the full meeting notes of the meeting will be generated after the meeting, you can easily skip from taking notes and can only focus in meeting to make best of it.

  • Daily scrum meeting! Save time: –

Just to get everyone on the same page, a lot more time is spent. 15-minute recap can disrupt the entire meeting.

Team leaders can send everyone meeting notes associated with the meeting, allowing them to “recall” it’s time before the next meeting. It will also ensure that you do not misinterpret the points that have been decided.

  • Save digitally, Improve efficiency: –

Meetings will be much more efficient if the meeting notes of the previous meeting are digitized or available on the cloud sharing platform. After all, meeting notes are useless if you are always looking for a meeting notes physically whenever referenced.

Using the digital version will allow you to quickly search for meeting notes. A digital copy can also be shared through the company’s network, ensuring that all employees have easy access to it.

Maximize productivity??

Thinking about how to take short notes??

  1. Prioritize your tasks and block distractions during meeting.
  2. Follow your work routine
  3. Schedule meetings and use tools that create summarize meeting notes.
  4. Create balance between teams and clients
  5. Make a note of ideas before it wipes from mind.


The secret of any entrepreneur to be more productive and focused is by managing and prioritizing the work. Most entrepreneurial production tips include controls where is your priority and attention. Once you have identified which task needs to be done at early, you may choose to work on it.

Attending hours of meetings with clients or team members and taking notes individually might affect your productivity.

Don’t worry with Instaminutes you can save your time as it automatically creates summarized meeting notes.

Thus, you can focus on those tasks which can lead to growth in your business.

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