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How to Record & Transcribe Google Meet for Free? The Hidden Tricks.

Wasting time in transcription? Record Google Meet & Transcribe for Free

Imagine sitting in front of your computer for hours to manually transcribe a substantial audio file. 

If that thought scares you, then using meeting transcription software should not just be a necessity but a way of life! 

Whether you want to convert your audio or meetings for studies, interviews, or blogs, we have the correct answer for you. This article will break down everything you need to select the best transcription software in 2022. 

What is transcription?

Transcription means converting spoken language into a written format. One of the oldest ways of converting speech to text is manual transcription.

You would have to sit in front of your laptop trying to listen to audio or video files and then type them out on a word document.

This is time-consuming and expensive and can also be a waste of manpower. Human efforts are best used for creative tasks, and manual transcription is not an ideal solution! 

Approximately 64 percent of surveyed experts within the industries of E-learning and market research used speech-to-text automated transcription in 2020. Twenty-five percent of the respondents from the market research industry reported the use of automated transcription on a monthly basis.

Speech to text report 2020

Source: Speech to text report, 2020

With automated transcription software becoming more mainstream and affordable, any business would be better off using them instead of their employees!

Goal: Think minutes, forget hours. 

What is transcription software?

Transcription software is an application that converts human speech into text files. A dependable transcription software should be able to convert audio and video files to text much faster than any manual transcription. 

These types of software use speech recognition technology built on artificial intelligence and machine learning to learn and improve over time. 

It can be used for different segments—from individuals to startups to large corporations. If you are looking for more comprehensible documentation of what happened during a call, then transcription software is the best bet for you. 

What are the advantages of using transcription software?

Advantages to record Google Meet

Using automated speech transcription software is like hiring a computer to listen to and convert your audio or video files to text. 

Automated transcription has multiple advantages over manual transcription:

  1. Single recording: There is no need to divide the recording into multiple files. A single source file can be uploaded to the software, converting the recording into text. 
  1. Saves on time: Humans cannot listen and type simultaneously without compromising quality. Transcription software does both things simultaneously and uses its immense computing power to convert speech into text while taking less time.
  1. Cost savings: The per hour cost of using transcription software is much lower than employing individuals for the same task. 
  1. More secure: With multiple humans involved in the transcription process, sensitive information can leak out. Trusted transcription software eliminates this problem by securely hosting customer data on their servers. 

Hence, not only is automated transcription faster when compared to manual typing, but it is also more efficient. 

How does transcription software work?

Automatic-Speech-Recognition (ASR) technology is used to record human voices and convert them into text. The accuracy of speech recognition depends on factors like background noise, the distance between the person speaking and the microphone, and the quality of the microphone. 

A transcription software organically expands its scope of understanding as new information is entered into it and processed over time. Deep learning uses thousands of hours of audio recordings and their transcripts to detect recurring patterns, which helps improve its accuracy over time.

Do I need transcription software?

Transcription software can be used across industries. In a world that is becoming increasingly remote, where teams are spread across the country or even the world, from small startups to large organizations, everybody will need to invest in transcription software. 

You need to ensure comprehensive documentation of all meetings and discussions. 

Here is how you can use transcription software in various industries :

  1. Sales: ​​Sales calls can be transcribed for training and feedback purposes. Standout sales transcripts can also be used to coach new sales representatives.
  1. Consultancy: Transcription software is helpful to record client commitments and meetings to make sure that the final deliverable is as per requirements.
  1. Podcasts: This is one of transcription software’s most popular use cases. Transcripts can help sync captions with the audio file, which can eventually help with SEO and better discoverability.
  2. Legal: Some jurisdictions require legal depositions to be recorded. These records are essential as they can be used as evidence in courts. 
  1. Education: Class notes can be taken down using transcription software. How? just record google meet or zoom class. This frees up students to be engaged in the classroom. It can also ensure better revision notes which can ease stress during exams. 
  1. Human Resources: Transcription software can help record google meet calls, interviews, and meetings and be used in tandem with Application Tracking Systems. These systems can further help with giving a comprehensive outline to hiring managers, training new employees, or even going back and reviewing the interview again. 

How to choose the best Transcription Software?

Choosing the best transcription software can be a daunting task with the myriad of options available. Here are the top things that you need to look for in an ideal transcription software :

  • Ease of Use: User experience is paramount. The software needs to have an easy-to-use interface and dashboard for comprehensive understanding, even for new users. The one-click recording experience provided by software like Instaminutes is the industry standard in user experience. 
  • Accuracy: The best transcription software has an accuracy rate greater than 90%. This primarily relies on the ML and AI models used in the software. Background sounds, the kind of microphone used, and the way the person speaks are some other determinants of accuracy.
  • Customizability: You should also check whether the same dataset and algorithms are used for the speech recognition systems or if new optimizations are getting added. Another essential feature could be a custom vocabulary. This can help you to include words in the repository of the software.
  • Time: The turnaround period depends on the length of the source recording. Typically, transcription software needs around 30 minutes to transcribe an hour-long recording. Softwares like Instaminutes guarantees one of the lowest turnaround times of 15-20 minutes.
  • Customer Service: Check whether the vendors are providing a great post-purchase experience. Talk to current users to give you a solid review and understanding of what worked well or did not.
  • Security: Finally, you need to check for the protection of your data. Transcription software often has access to sensitive information. Check whether your transcription software uses encryption and whether timely data backups are maintained. 

Why is Instaminutes the best to record Google Meet?

Loved by startups and large companies, Instaminutes is a leading transcription software provider that helps make meetings unforgettable. 

It is an AI audio transcription software that can turn a 30-minute meeting into six bullet points in just one click and is excellent for personal and business use. Instaminutes allows tech startups to bring their team members on one page through a seamless collaboration workflow experience. 

With simply one click, you can record google meet or zoom to get the transcript of your entire meeting, highlight pointers in the interactive transcript, and set up action items and deadlines. All your notes, to-do lists, and calendars are easily accessible on a personal dashboard, while metrics and insights on your meetings can easily be calculated. 

Here is a quick overview of how to use Instaminutes:

  1. Instaminutes helps you record google meetings or zoom in with one click. 
Record Google Meet using Instaminutes
  1. You can easily select key points in the meeting notes. 
select key points on live transcription
  1. Access meeting notes on a personal dashboard.

  1. Schedule meetings and access notes on Google Calendar.
Access meeting notes from Calendar
  1. Action items are automatically updated in the format of a to-do list.
Action items on recording Google meet

The way ahead :

The world is fast-changing, and the only way to keep pace with it is to adapt and innovate. Transcription software is an easy way to develop better processes and workflows across teams. Investing in good software can truly be life-changing for you and your company. If you want to select the best transcription software, contact us now!

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What free software can convert audio files into text files?

Ans. Transcription software like Instaminutes can help convert audio files into text format with a single click of a button. Advanced deep learning and machine learning algorithms also allow the software to summarize 30-minute meetings into 6 bullet points. 

  1. What is the best tool to automatically transcribe audio files, such as voice memos and music?

Ans. Manual transcription is time-consuming, expensive, and can be a waste of human resources. Hence, transcription software like Instaminutes powered by AI and ML is the best way to automatically record google meet or zoom to transcribe audio files such as voice memos, music, or even meetings. 

  1. How do you transcribe an audio recording online for free?

Ans. AI transcription software gives you the transcript of your audio recordings, allows you to highlight pointers in the interactive transcript, and set up action items and deadlines. All your notes, to-do lists, and calendars are easily accessible on a personal dashboard of software like Instaminutes. This can help you improve efficiency and collaboration. 

  1. Can I use transcription software in sales?

Ans. Transcription software can be extremely important in the sales domain because it can serve as notes about the requirements of the clients, details that were discussed, or even the plan of action. Notes can eventually help you to win more Sales deals.

  1. What are the major benefits of using a tool to transcribe?

Ans. There are multiple benefits of using transcription software. This includes accuracy, ease of use, and savings of time and manpower. 

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