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No Work and Life Balance? Follow these amazing ways

Sticking to a balanced work-from-home schedule is critical to maintain at times. These affect the work quality and mental health of the individual.

work and life balance tips
work and life balanced tips with instaminutes

You wake up often with the feeling of relaxation while planning what to do list for yourself. Then suddenly you worry about the upcoming meeting at the office. As the day starts to warm up by the time you begin to feel the increasing stress. Then all of a sudden, you realize…

“ I don’t have any office visit! I can do my work right from any corner of my home! Oh! Why I am so Forgetful?  ”

Welcome to the new professional culture of work-from-home!

Due to the pandemic or the capsule lifestyle, you ought to have experienced remote working in your life. The flexibility and freedom, it grants are lovely to experience. Today, many people are working from home as companies are shifting to the remote culture while adopting the change in Pandemic.

Advantages of Remote Work:

  • Office of  Choice: Work from your bedroom or the hills of Sikkim; that’s your choice. As long as you have your setup and your snack of choice, you can set up your own office anywhere.
  • External Stress Deleted: No more traffic honks to tense you by or parking mess, you are at your safe place, gone is the stress and revived are you! You can use the time in some other miniature task of yours to meet the deadlines in time.
  • Work Time Your Choice: Remote work grants you to design your work timings. The main skill here is creating a realistic work-from-home schedule to keep everything on pace and track.
  • Eat and be fit: Often, people neglect their healthy habits for their bodies with vital nutrition. When you are on a balanced work-from-home schedule, you can cook your food yourself instead of consuming unhealthy stuff.
  • Your Productivity increases:  One of the main benefits of remote working high productivity if managed in the right format. Employees also cope up with studies that prove that work-from-home increases employee productivity. All you need is to stay focused.
  • You Save the Nature: A reduction in traveling can reduce a huge amount of harmful gases from the environment. This means along with the advantages of productivity, flexibility, and health, you can also contribute your part to the environment by reducing pollution.

However, remote work is not all that glitters or gold. It may seem like the most effortless way of work until you are in a meeting and your team is hearing the chit-chats of your house or the cooker suddenly whistles. It’s even harder when the innocent siblings can put you in danger by playing around. It has its own hardships, so long we took you through the pros but let’s have a look at the cons.

Challenges of Remote Work:

  • Diversions: It is easy to get diverted when no one is having an eye on you. While you are working from home, you may feel the constant craving to switch off the laptop and watch your favorite stuff on your cell phone. The key to managing is to learn to plan your time as you work from home.
  • Communication error:  The most challenging part of remote work is staying connected to your mates at work. Here’s where technology has won the match, technology connects you with your teammates via virtual meeting tools like slack, Meet, and so on.
  • Balance Is Hard: Procrastination is the real evil here that eats a lot of your time. You want a balance yet it’s hard to manage. Then in order to avoid it, you should be strict with your time in between personal and professional boundaries that you built for yourself.

Things can turn rapidly from excellent to messy in remote work if you don’t mind your work-from-home routine. A routine helps your mind stay focused on the most critical tasks of the time. Moreover, it provides you with mental clarity regarding the priorities that are must be completed.


To make everything managing for you, here are some tips on how to deal with the difficulties and not repeat them:

1. Mind Your Morning Hours

As difficult as it may look, waking up early can grant you more time to get ahead with your tasks at day. Morning hours are good for human health as the fresh air and lively weather keep the brain more active.  Take some seconds and remember your old school days. In those days, you used to wake up early to reach your school before time. After doing your pending maths homework, doing morning activity classes, dressing up after getting ready then reaching right in time at the prayer assembly.

When there is no office going, it’s very Intimidating to exit breaks. The unwillingness to not quit the warm blanket can slow down your productivity. Try to be less sluggish at your work.

Journaling can be one of the effective ways to not mess up with your tasks as it will always create clarity in your mind and can save you time.

2. Plan Your Time Before Working

If you are ever told to cook food in 1 min is that ever Possible? 

Likewise, the same things happen when you don’t plan and jump on your workspace to complete all the tasks. It becomes 99.9% impossible to complete. This further results in delays and later low Productivity.

To make the most of your time, you need to structure prior. It is just like you use to do in the office. Practice journaling or try various productivity and write down your prior goals. Then allocate the time to be spent and the duration for each. When done with all of your tasks you will acknowledge your productivity of the day through which you can calculate your productivity in a month.

3. Be Realistic with Deadlines

It’s better not to set impractical deadlines. You can’t end a long-hour task into an hour. The time required to do the task will take to be done. By the end, you may suffer from burnout by compromising on breaks and not performing with proper quality.

Hence, things always need to be realistic while setting goals or target deadlines. It depends on the person as well as the complexity of the task that needs to be submitted in the deadlines. So, before hopping in front of the laptop, think out if the deadline is achievable or not. If it isn’t achievable, then adjust the target accordingly with the concerned team.

4. Don’t Be Loner, Connect with Colleagues

Remote work culture can make you feel lonely and emotionally down sometimes, especially when you are on self resider. Further, little to no interaction with your friends at work can make you feel isolated to the extreme. Thus, it is beneficial to connect with your colleagues for your mental health and well-being.  

You can opt for a video call or voice call, whichever suits you, and of course in which your colleagues are comfortable. Talking to others matters a lot as it has a reflexive effect on our mind making it more eased. We are social beings instead of machines so socialization is an important part of our lives. While connecting with your colleagues, don’t just talk about work but also talk about your common interests. Instead of that, speak about different things or share life experiences that you had with time. In short, chat with them like a friend and build connections.

5. Schedule Meeting Smartly

Joining a meeting right after you wake up is a bad idea for your mind and health. Your early morning hours should be kept aside for personal time. That signifies in the morning hours, you should be journaling and planning your day.

In short, you should make a habit to work with yourself before working with others. Remember this while creating a work-from-home routine.

Ideally, you should attend meetings and calls in the second slot of the day. The reason behind this is that the meetings can take a lot of time, which isn’t good for better productivity. This is where instaminutes come into the spotlight.

Instaminutes  transcribe notes for all your meetings automatically saving you a lot of time. That is that you don’t need to prepare notes or worry about the information shared at the meeting. Instaminutes is your meeting assistant!

Conclusion: Design Your Time For Success

Working from home brings many benefits for every individual. Along with no stress around, you have flexible working hours available and high productivity by the end of the day. But to benefit from remote work, you should create an efficient work-from-home schedule.

This is not a difficult habit to put into routine. All the above tips will serve as a light in the oceans of chaos.

Remember, that a perfect schedule doesn’t exist in reality. You should experiment without putting yourself at risk and find out the one that suits you the best.

Simplify your professional life with instaminutes.

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