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How to overcome the challenges of taking meeting minutes in 2022?

Working as a professional we make records. As a coder we make codes and samples, as musicians, we make music and script.

Similarly, when we are talking about a meeting, we check up on the person’s involvement, context and agenda, and most important meeting minutes, so everyone can refer to and act upon them.

Meeting minutes are an integral part of any company, whether they are held online or in person.

Challenges of taking meeting minutes?

We often waste an adequate amount of time during meetings by inviting poor decisions due to a lack of focus, discussing why are we meeting, and checking propaganda and milestones to be achieved.

Sometimes things get out of our hands and start creating some trouble.

We need a backup to get a short crisp and accurate idea about where and what to start next, as we can’t expect a person to give us 100% positive outcomes every time.

It might be possible, that person may lose some important points.  Given these risks, we have proposed a tool Instaminutes.

Thinking of a solution?

  • For perfect meeting notes the first step to learning is to write with shortened words, don’t spell everything out exactly as said, or use abbreviations or even pictures to write less.
  • There is another secret to taking notes, especially digitally. Here instead of typing all the things and making notes, we can take the help of InstaMinutes which helps to get the important insights.

An average person spends around 50% of their working hours in meetings and it goes as high as 80% for upper management, times conducting or joining the meeting.

It is not possible for a person to keep track of all the details due to lack of focus and human fatigue.

Earlier can be solved by availing help of an assistant in getting the important insights for all talks and meetings.

But assistants are costly and hence it is not viable to have assistants just for jotting down the meeting minutes.

Technology can help solve this problem if possible. Instaminutes introduces state of an art NLP system that can help us to insights like decisions, notes, and action items from any meeting recording.

Instaminutes AI assistant, Ilu, prepares the meeting minutes as a human would do so that you can focus on the meeting and go through the meeting minutes whenever required.

meeting minutes

You can share the minutes with other people and get the discussions going.

We need to be proactive with our ways to create minimum turnaround time with maximum outcomes.

Whenever we discuss or conduct a meeting there comes a period that is off the agenda and need not be included in the minutes.

So, the tool needs to summarize the minutes to the lowest duration keeping all the insights.

The agenda of the meeting is an important factor to consider.

Instaminutes provides you with templates that summarize your meeting and provide minutes with insights that completely align with the agenda given in the template.

One can upload the recordings or record them and get the best meeting minutes in a length of a few seconds.

We work remotely these days, so the most important thing is to keep teams engaged and on the right track. For that, it is always welcome to have an extra hand who can be proactive to record the meeting and prepare the meeting minutes. Instaminutes gives you your own meeting assistant Ilu, who runs in the background, joins meetings, and needs no instructions on when and how to prepare meeting minutes.

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The meetings industry has proven itself in 2021 and we have entered 2022 and we are working remotely, it’s time to align your meetings and events with a technical platform.

In the end, the meeting always decides the final context and once you wrap up your meeting, there is no not need to waste time sending out the notes or assigning action items, it must already be done using the assistance tool.

That will provide automated meeting minutes and help build a new agenda and strategy for this and coming work process and its optimization.

We get surprised to see an immediate impact when things get done.

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