8 Useful free online meeting tools

Businesses are now recognizing the benefits of working remotely and there is a lift for tools for free online meeting tools allowing work from home permanently even after the pandemic gets ended.

Some of the big companies are going to follow the trend and it is believed that many other organizations will do alike.

The work that permits employees to work from where they feel most inventive, content, and easily productive.

A set of tools handy out there can help you stay highly fruitful and active while working remotely.

Here we display a list of such tools that we assume are the best ones available in every regard of working from home such as minutes of meeting, task organization, team collaboration and communication etc 

Helpful Free Online Meeting Tools 

The very first thing people start questioning is how to collaborate while working from home being far apart from each other.

A regular office setup allows people to sit collectively in cabins, meeting rooms, on each other’s desks, and involvement was far easier that way.

Collaboration between co-workers or multiple teams is pretty much needed all across the globe for businesses to run faster and with higher efficiency.

1. Instaminutes

Instaminutes is an AI-based free online meeting extension that sums conferences into short notes automatically.

You may merge your calendar with Instaminutes without any difficulty and get the last assembly notes as information to recap everything necessary very quickly.

free online meeting tools: Instaminutes

You could easily track the growth of your meetings by sharing it on Slack, Trello, Asana, or any task control device.

2. Team Viewer

Team Viewer is the most recommended free online meeting tool for remote viewing and receiving remote support.

You can share your screen with everyone as well as support your team.

The most beneficial part is you can handle their PC or Laptop remotely for much-improved navigation or further assistance.

free online meeting tools: Team viewer

Remote screen sharing is essential to work together on different ideas and let everyone see one common screen just as we do in conference rooms or several meeting rooms.

It is worth noting that all the popular video conferencing apps like Google Meet, Zoom, etc. provide an inbuilt screen sharing feature. 

3. Airtable

Airtable is a highly customizable free online meeting tool for such teams who love to stay organized.

free online meeting tool: Airtable

It is a high-level version of the spreadsheet that allows team collaboration in every way possible.

It can be used as general software at the front desk of any office or among teams to stay connected on the same project.

4. Dashlane

Remote teams often want access to the same tools and password sharing across texts or conversations. But this is usually never safe and not a very team-friendly way to sustain it.

Dashlane is a good password administrator to share the same passwords across teams or companies without nuisance.

Creating new secure passwords is also easy with inbuilt traits and people do not need to recall complex passwords.

Valuable Team Handling Apps For Remote Work From Home

Teams are the genuine MVP of any company.

Team management can seem stimulating without being physically available but it really is not much tough if you choose the right tools for team Handling.

Team management should include a very transparent tool that can render a complete overview of everyone’s tasks, aims, and purposes at all times. It keeps everyone in sync concerning what’s going on within the team.

5. Proofhub

Proofhub works as one spot for all the needs of your team. You can design, cooperate, build, and present projects – all in individual places.

This means no more juggling between many software and securing them all in sync.

This makes team management and tracking of all the progress at once place a little easier for managers.

6. Trello

Trello is a free online meeting tool that operates as a Kanban-style list-building or task administration web-based software.

It is widely applicable for tracking feature requests as the project progresses.

7. Asana

Asana concentrates on keeping the team organized and attached. It is widely used beyond several products, out-source marketing, improving sales, and operations team in all types of deals.

Organizing team projects is much more manageable because of platforms like Asana where everyone can be designated a part of the task and all the members can see the greater picture of the tasks.

8. Basecamp

Basecamp is one of the most ingenious free online meeting tool for remote teams. This is another all-in-one toolkit for remote working organizations.

Work can be broken into projects and people can be added to those projects as per necessity.

Per project consists of files, reports, and message inside it. This makes the whole procedure smooth and speedy.


We have moved into a new era of remote work culture and everything that we do is unparalleled.

Remote working culture is progressing to stay here and companies are moving towards implementing even better remote collaboration tools.

It is the right chance to start using these work-from-home apps to keep your potency levels high and keep you concentrated on the tasks until they are done within deadlines.

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