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The best tool to summarize a meeting in 1 click

Summarize a meeting is one of those specialties that can plunge to the wayside as we get older. As researchers, note-taking is always top-of-cognitive — your teachers hardly let you bypass it.

But after that, note-taking is usually left seat in the classroom and doesn’t always make the transition to the professional environment.

That’s a real disgrace: note-taking is just as helpful in the office as it is at the academy. In fact, it’s arguably even more meaningful.

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5 Free tools for perfect work-life balance in 2022

The modern work-life balance exists at the intersection of productivity, work ethic, and mental wellbeing.

Increasingly employees are becoming conscious of stress and burnout caused by an overall dip in mental health. 

For an employer and employee, this situation can be detrimental. 

As an employer, either you have no employees or burnt-out employees are not capable of doing their 100% at the workplace.

And you are feeling that your team is not working as it should. 

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Ways To Attract Proper Sales Talent

With the right talent on your team, your sales department can be at the top revenue generator and maintain top quality performance. Yet, in the recent job market, companies aren’t the ones with full command. It’s the candidates who have the power to choose their work environment, not the other way anymore.

sales skills

But recruiting continuously for job openings can be frustrating, especially when you devote your resources to a candidate only for them to reject your offer. What’s worse is when you hire a candidate who doesn’t stick around. That is why HR professionals and recruitment officers must work harder to attract and retain top sales talent.

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Ways To Stay More Productive: 8 strategy that you should know

What You Should Know


A whole industry has grown around workroom productivity, spawning everything from productivity tech and professional coaching to team retreats and workroom doctrines. But hacks and apps can only get us so far and a lot of them are completely useless talks. To truly grow more productive, we need to understand the individual way we work and learn and identify how to work smarter. This process can largely be habituated for making measured behavioral changes, which is where tried-and-tested productivity methods can help.

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Top 5 Productivity Exercises For A healthy Life

For you to stay fit and energized all day long

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A lot has changed during the pandemic in the lifestyle of the humans and the surrounding environment. Staying fit and healthy are the major to do tasks as everyone is captured in their capsule lifestyle to avoid infection. As a result of this the body and brain of the people have taken a time period to indulge and adapt a new living lifestyle and resolution.

Due to such practice, the productivity rate among Individuals has highly decreased. The capsule lifestyle has made it a major factor to balance body productivity with the going time. People have tended to adopt major laziness in their daily routine due to less productivity and have been a victim of mental issues at present at a large rate.

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No Work and Life Balance? Follow these amazing ways

Sticking to a balanced work-from-home schedule is critical to maintain at times. These affect the work quality and mental health of the individual.

work and life balance tips
work and life balanced tips with instaminutes

You wake up often with the feeling of relaxation while planning what to do list for yourself. Then suddenly you worry about the upcoming meeting at the office. As the day starts to warm up by the time you begin to feel the increasing stress. Then all of a sudden, you realize…

“ I don’t have any office visit! I can do my work right from any corner of my home! Oh! Why I am so Forgetful?  ”

Welcome to the new professional culture of work-from-home!