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Best 5 add-ons to power up your meeting sessions

Covid19 has greatly affected the way office culture especially meeting sessions. Work from home (WFH) has become an integral part of our daily lives. Online meeting sessions have changed so much that we often have in the plan of the everyday conversations, with more zoom, google meet, or teams.

If looking to make your meeting sessions power-up & productive then Yes! This blog is for you.

Here are the top 5 add-ons to power up your meeting sessions, in order to help you schedule and manage your meeting sessions more easily.

# 1 In the Gmail App

This add-on will allow you to plan, execute and manage events right from your Gmail inbox. Once you have installed the google meet or Zoom app, it will appear in the sidebar of your Gmail account. You can change your e-mail, check your e-mail and have access to a meeting session tool to connect or schedule it later. You can also schedule meeting sessions by the look of planned, large-scale gatherings in the app.

# 2 GSuite Add-ons

If you use any of Google’s Workspace (formerly the G-Suite to the master bedroom, on the job, then this is an add-on that is right for you. Once it is installed on your dev account, which allows you to start or schedule meeting sessions directly from your work e-mail. It can also be integrated with the Google Calendar, which makes it easy for you to add a meeting sessions link to your invitations, and more.

# 3 Microsoft Team,

This package is provided for those wishing to make use of the Microsoft Team is on the job. How to install this is a package that integrates the meeting sessions tool of the Team, from the Microsoft app-user interface, so that you can start and run your meeting session, planning the app to abandon the ship.

Teams dashboard for online meeting sessions
Teams dashboard for online meeting sessions

# 4 Instaminutes, an add-on

Instaminutes create concise notes of meeting sessions automatically that can be searched and shared with anyone. Have your meeting sessions with any meeting tool you love, for e.g., Zoom, google meet, teams, etc. Institutes will prepare notes of the meeting sessions and share them with every attendee at the end of the meeting.

The feature is not limited only to entrepreneurs but also to researchers as well. It’s one of the best SaaS products that can be used to take meeting notes for one-on-one business meetings, group meetings, scrum meetings, online lectures, interviews, etc.

Instaminutes dashboard for notes of meeting sessions
Instaminutes dashboard for notes of meeting sessions

There are several transcription tools are available over the internet, but the feature that makes it different is its automatic summarization and easy-to-use technique.

# 5 In Canva for Virtual Background, Tools

If you would like to change the scenery of your meeting sessions background or to apply, Canva, Zoom’s Virtual Background Maker can help you create a new background for your meeting sessions. You can use the Canva background templates or use an image to create a completely new template.

Canva templates for meeting sessions background
Canva templates for meeting sessions background

Final Words

Business meetings don’t have to be boring, because the main purpose of any meetings is to be more productive and achieve organizational goals.

It is not at all that we should use only these many meeting tools for any meeting session, because the requirements for meeting may differ from one meeting sessions to other. But we can use these add-ons so that we can make the meetings productive and smooth.

It is totally up to us which meeting sessions tool we can use to increase our work efficiency. Because ultimately our aim is to achieve company goals. While it is the most important factor for productive meetings, strategic planning, it is important to continue to learn new tools and apps, which can help you fill the gaps.

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