Top 5 hacks to lead productive meetings

All of us have part of meeting or attended the meetings. It’s because in many organizations, meetings are considered as a way of finding and achieving the goals of the company. Minutes of meeting is an important part of keeping the team up to date. And it does not have to be laborious.

Transform your regular meetings into productive ones
Transform your regular meeting into productive ones

Whenever it comes to meeting, we often have many complaints about meeting like its waste of time, too lengthy meetings, yields no result etc.

Personally, sometimes I lose attention if meeting becomes too long but that’s totally okay.

5 major problems that a person face during meeting.

  1. “Forgot what was discussed in last meeting”-

Whenever we do not make meeting notes or are absent in the meeting, we do not know what has happened in the previous meeting.

Forgot what was discussed in last meeting
Forgot what was discussed in last meeting

To get out of this we need to make meeting notes of last meeting. Otherwise, there should a medium through which we can get the meeting notes of previous meeting even when we are absent so that we can prepare for our next meeting. Or you can assign a person who can take meeting notes.

  • “Lack of attention in meeting”-

It’s nature of human that mind can’t always be at a place. A lot of things are going on in mind. Sometimes it can be due to stress, laziness or poor health condition.

Lack of attention
Lack of attention

To get out of such a problem, we need to get the meeting notes automatically once the meeting is over.

This will make our work even easier. Because if we have not been able to remain active in the meeting with lack of interest or due to any reason, then also we know what we have to do or what is the target or what is the assigned work. Or you can assign a person alternatively who can take meeting notes without losing focus.

  • “Poor preparation”-

This is one of the biggest causes to any meeting problems. Attendees are often invited to attend meetings, but in most cases, they do not know what will be discussed and whether their contribution will be affected or not in a meeting.

In this case, there is confusion in the sense that those present are mentally ill with the meeting especially if there is no clear agenda set or discussed.

There is always a feeling of boredom and wasting time among the attendees of the meeting when there is not enough preparation for the meeting. It becomes difficult to simplify the meeting and bring them back on track in a meeting.

Thus, each attendee needs to be clear about meeting agenda that will to be discussed in meeting.

  • “Silent meeting attendees”-

Attendees are silent at meetings for a number of reasons. Some of them can be naturally quiet. Some fear that their ideas will be ridiculed and slandered. Some are uncomfortable and Others do not care.

As a team leader or host of meeting try to involve every attendee. Give attendees 5- minutes to write down their ideas or thoughts in quiet thinking before opening the general discussion.

  • “Monopoly in meeting”-

Monopoly in meeting is a major problem because it reduces the inefficiency of achieving the purpose of the meeting and creates a kind of disagreement among the attendees, which can be particularly dangerous in achieving the goals and objectives of the organization.

This happens mostly when the host only gives importance to their opinions and are not ready o listen to others thought and ideas.

In order to lead a successful meeting, the host needs to hear the views and ideas of all attendees.

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5 best tactics to lead a successful and productive meeting-

  1. Identify the agenda, topics to be discussed in meeting
  2. Try to brainstorm all possible solutions
  3. Prioritize the action items
  4. Agree on solution is must
  5. Get honest opinions from all attendees


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