Why Metal and Chemical Industry Must look over Domain-Specific AI Models


Let’s face it, there is so much hype that Artificial Intelligence can do anything and can replace humans from doing tedious tasks. Yes, this is true that AI can replace humans and we can get great results from this technology. But is it enough that AI alone can produce great results, unfortunately, the answer is “NO”. 


Most computerized reasoning tasks are in beginning periods across different businesses, and individuals are attempting to make sense of how they can best get a profit from the innovation. One methodology is to purchase AI-fueled adaptations of existing applications, and the other is to begin building explicit models that have AI innovations extraordinary to the business offering. There is an enormous worth that domain expertise can add to AI frameworks, in their connections with information researchers.

Eventually, AI is going to display the insight of domain specialists in various business capacities and in this way discover respective fields whether, in the account, marketing, industrial researches, material discovery, management, etc to bring the ideal advancement. 

With such broad use cases, AI modules will require billions of quantifiable parameters from domain specialists.

We need a Domain specialist to realize what objectives a business is going for, what information to conceivably include and give a productive input. A traditional AI module  can just have an instinct about whether the model is working and whether the clients are fulfilled. Domain driven  AI solutions know whether a module has improved a business work or not.

Domain experts understand which parameters influence decision making in the business niche and AI model needs to be implemented continuously to improve model learning. Domain experts understand the decision making features, decision parameters and business model and pass this to the AI model to get best business orientated results.

List of Challenges Metal and Chemical Manufacturers Face with Conventional AI Solutions

Today metal and chemical industry are in dire need of technologies like AI to  enhance from

operations to production stage based on data produced during the processing.

The amount of data produced as a result of processing, operation, production, R&D and more in the metal and chemical industry is not in very huge quantities. Moreover, the data related to failed experiments is unavailable. Adding to it, the limited amount of data is a hard nut to crack due to presence of empirical equations. Thus, making it a time and money intensive job to convert it into standard data that can be easily leveraged by AI models. All these reasons make domain expertise a key ingredient for AI models to work in the favour of the industry.

Why MatSci is the Frontrunner in Facilitating Domain Expertise Driven AI Models

Domain Expertise fuel AI model that helps metal and chemical industry to comp up with futuristic solutions. Based on intense research our team has successfully developed Knowledge graphs. These are sets of information from numerous authentic research papers that are interlinked and are capable of describing real-world entities in a form easily understood by humans. Therefore, our Knowledge graph understands information similar to human beings. This is done in following ways

  • Generating logical connection between information like human mind
  • Upon learning new information relating it with previous one
  • Categorisation and generalization of information

This way  it gives MatSci AI a technical advantage to help metal and chemical industry 

take critical decisions that bring business value as well as unveiling hidden opportunities and room for operational efficiencies. 

MatSci AI being the frontrunner in facilitating Domain Expertise Driven AI Models is confident about combating challenges in the Metal & Chemical industry.

How Domain-Specific AI Models fetched Revenue to these Big Brands

Steel Industry in a quest to improve production and ROI and move ahead of traditional spreadsheet methods for handling complex operations, leveraged domain expertise driven AI models. Therefore, it enhanced their business processing in below manner

  • Early prediction of caster breakouts
  • Operations are streamlined and improved in terms of efficiency
  • Significantly reduction in CO2 emissions and plant waste 
  • Advanced level data from connected machines

Therefore, they were successful in enabling effective decisions on behalf of domain expertise driven AI Models.

Summing up

Team MatSci firmly believes in combining domain expertise in the materials industry with Artificial intelligence to develop and deliver domain driven AI solutions.

We implement best practice to reduce elements of uncertainty and enhance output. This way, our cutting edge solution eventually reduces operational cost, raw materials usage, and time latency to improve ROI by significant margin.

                           Putting the Science of Success in Simple Words 

Our solution reduces operational costs, raw material usage and more importantly, time latency and raises your revenue to the next level. Above all, without burning a hole in your pocket

You need a solution that is flexible, fast, and super efficient to sustain the challenges in industry 4.0. So,

  Act Smart – Act with AI enabled solution

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